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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course 10 hrs

Module 1 Overview of SMM

1.Definition of social media
2. Types of social media
3. Key terms to understand
4. How Social Media influences audience
5. How Social Media is affecting Google Search
6. How to choose right social media

Module 2 Creating Effective Content on Social Media

• `Learn how to create content and build an effective content plan for Facebook & Social Media marketing platforms.
• Use free online tools to create images and Video for Social Media

Module 3 Using Facebook

• What Can You Do With Facebook
• Photo Album | Events | The Wall and Notes | Chat | Groups and Fan Pages
• Facebook Benefits
• Facebook Fan Pages
• Facebook Profile
• Group Pages vs. Fan Pages
• Facebook Pages – what can you do
• How to promote your Facebook page
• Engagement and Conversation
• Creating Events

Module 4 Facebook Marketing & Advertising

• Learn how to use Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads to drive brand awareness, leads and
sales for businesses and brands.
• Learn how to measure the success of your Facebook Marketing efforts.

Module 5 Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots

• Advantages using FB Marketing Chatbots
• How chatbot marketing is different than other marketing channels
• Learn about How to Build Chatbots

Module 6 Using Twitter

• What is Twitter
• How to Setup a Twitter account
• Twitter account: Personal Bio | Profile Picture | Background Picture
• Building Relationship
• Tools for managing your Tweets
• Finding People and Companies on Twitter
• Twitter Guidelines
• Automate Twitter
• How to Shorten and Measure your URLs
• Learn how to use Twitter Ads to drive brand awareness, leads, and sales for businesses and

Module 7 Using LinkedIn

• What is LinkedIn
• LinkedIn Company Page
• LinkedIn Groups
• LinkedIn Ads
• Learn how to measure the success of your LinkedIn Marketing efforts.

Module 8 Instagram and Snapchat Marketing

• Instagram & Snapchat Ads
• Learn how to use Instagram and Snapchat for marketing
• Learn how to measure the success of your Instagram and Snapchat Marketing efforts