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VBA Macros

VBA Macros (Duration: 12 hrs)

Introduction to VBA

  1. What Is VBA?
  2. What Can You Do with VBA?
  3. Recording a Macro
  4. Procedure and functions in VBA

Variables in VBA

  1. What is Variables?
  2. Using Non-Declared Variables
  3. Variable Data Types
  4. Using Const variables


  1. Customizing Ms boxes and Input box
  2. Reading Cell Values into Messages
  3. Various Button Groups in VBA

if and select statements

  1. Simple If Statements
  2. The Elseif Statements
  3. Defining select case statements

Looping in VBA

  1. Introduction to Loops and its Types
  2. The Basic Do and For Loop
  3. Exiting from a Loop
  4. Advanced Loop Examples

Mail Functions – VBA

  1. Using Outlook Namespace  
  2. Send automated mail
  3. Outlook Configurations, MAPI

Worksheet / Workbook Operations

  1. Merge Worksheets using Macro
  2. Merge multiple excel files into one sheet
  3. Split worksheets using VBA filters
  4. Worksheet copiers