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TABLEAU (Duration 12hrs)

Data Visualization is an art of presenting the data in a manner that even a non-analyst can understand it. A perfect blend of aesthetic elements like colors, dimensions, labels can create visual masterpieces, hence revealing surprising business insights which in turn helps businesses to make informed decisions.

Tableau is one of the fastest evolving Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool. It is very fast to deploy, easy to learn and very intuitive to use for a customer.

Overview of TABLEAU

  1. What is Tableau? What does the Tableau product suite comprise of? How Does Tableau Work?

  2. Tableau Architecture 

  3. What is My Tableau Repository?

  4. Connecting to Data & Introduction to data source concepts

  5. Understanding the Tableau workspace

  6. Dimensions and Measures

  7. Data Types & Default Properties

  8. Building basic views

  9. Saving and Sharing your work-overview

Building Views (Reports) – Basics

  1. Date Aggregations and Date parts
  2. Cross tab & Tabular charts
  3. Totals & Subtotals
  4. Bar Charts & Stacked Bars
  5. Line Graphs with Date & Without Date
  6. Tree maps
  7. Scatter Plots
  8. Individual Axes, Blended Axes, Dual Axes & Combination chart
  9. Parts of Views
  10. Sorting
  11. Trend lines
  12. Reference Lines
  13. Forecasting
  14. Filters
  15. Context filters
  16. Sets o In/Out Sets o
  17. Combined Sets
  18. Grouping
  19. Bins/Histograms
  20. Drilling up/down – drill through o Hierarchies
  21. Edit axis

Tableau: Building Views (Reports)

  1.  Advanced Maps
  2. Explain latitude and longitude
  3. Default location/Edit locations
  4. Symbol Map & Filled
  5. Map
  6. Custom Geo Coding
  7. Tableau: Calculated
  8. Fields
  9. Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data
  10. Explain – #Number of Rows
  11. Basic Functions (String, Date, Numbers etc)
  12. Usage of Logical conditions